Dante Dettamanti on WPA

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Dante Dettamanti on WPA

Postby LABertocci » Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:39 pm

As I have reached the half-way point as the Instructional Designer for Dante Dettamanti's first (new) course on WPA, I have the following observations:

(1) Coach Dettamanti's content is fantastic and completely comprehensive;

(2) I strongly recommend it to any and all coaches who are serious about getting better;

(3) ANY coach who simply does everything Coach Dettamanti suggests will improve dramatically as a coach;

(4) any referee who wants to know how a good coach operates would be very well served taking at least one of Coach Dettamanti courses - I assure you that your overall knowledge of the game will improve, thereby making you a better referee.

I cannot recommend this series of courses any more strongly.
Loren A. Bertocci
Director, Water Polo Academy

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