Find a Water Polo related Company Sponsor.

Idea exchange for starting up a club
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Find a Water Polo related Company Sponsor.

Postby G Westwell » Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:25 pm

When starting a New Club try calling truWest in Huntington Beach,California.
Not ONLY are they the Best at What They Do, but they are the Only Ones Who do What They Do!
Custom Made Water Polo Gear, per your team colors and specs, made in HB CA USA. Along with being based at the WestPole of our Sport, Huntington Beach California. truWest established their roots here in 1979 for its prime location, now even USAWP has moved to Huntington Beach last year which proved to be Medal worthy if not cost effective too.
Call toll free to get your request in for what ever it is you need to help start a New WaterPolo Program.
All The Best Wear truWest, since 1979...

Gary Westwell VP
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