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Ohio State HS Championships

Postby LABertocci » Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:41 pm

I just had the GREAT PLEASURE to have observed the 2009 Ohio State HS State Water Polo Championships. I had the great pleasure to watch Mike Miles, Mike Jones, Ken Huber, and most importantly, Scott Allen and Greg Sanchez, referee. Greg and Scott whistled the two championship games and did so not only without error, but with a degree of sophistication well above what was required to be perfect on those games. BRAVO to Greg and Scott!

It was also a pleasure to enjoy the engaging hospitality provided by Shawn Cline, a parent of one of the players on one of the teams. From my role, I want to publicly commend Greg Sanchez for putting together an excellent group of officials (sharing the roles of clock operator, goal judge, and referee). I was there as a completely unofficial helper but enjoyed how well this group of five (six?) did their jobs. In addition, this group of eight teams, and their supporters, were EXTREMELY enthusiastic... and supportive of the entire operation. I hope, if the proper introductions can ever be made, that this group of active and committed individuals can be introduced to whatever value they can gain via participation with USAWP. If such a connection can be made, I believe it would be a mutually beneficial relationship. BRAVO to all those in Ohio who do what they do to make water polo important.
Loren A. Bertocci
Director, Water Polo Academy

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