Pre-season Predictions

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Pre-season Predictions

Postby Starbucks » Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:37 pm


Since the mens fall season is almost upon us, and major tournaments like the UC Davis tournament appears scheduled. Lets see what some of the predictions will be.

Areas are
Great Lakes
Great PLains
Mid Atlantic
Missouri Valley
New England
New York
North Atlantic
Pacific Coast
Rocky Mountain

Unfortunately with the new CWPA website, all the old records and results seem to have disappeared, so I cant tell you who won each section last year.

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Re: Pre-season Predictions

Postby Thesita » Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:20 pm

I predict UCSC will do ok.

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Re: Pre-season Predictions

Postby minnpolo » Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:18 pm

Heartland Predicitions:

1. St. John's - Returning 6 of 7 starters and 10 of 12 players from 5th place nationals finish last year. Extensive off season tournaments and an experienced incoming freshman class should help as well.
2. Monmouth - After a 3rd place finish over formerly #1 Macalester, the Crab people should be able to take their Chicago-area based talent pool to a new level in their second year in the Heartland
3. Grinnell - With the loss of captain Ali Tittiz and several other key players, the Wild Turkeys will have plenty of problems holding the top spot
4. Macalester - Losing Elad Rachevsky and goalie Murat Ilgen will hurt Mac, but hopefully Max the goalie, combined with some smart field play will keep Mac from falling too far
5. Carleton - after some key recruits last year including California and Florida talent, Carleton will be able to set themselves above SMU and Knox, should be able to stay above newcomer Augustana unless they have breakout year like Monmouth did their first year. Carleton could be the surprise team very easily.
6. Augustana - New team, should have some Chicago talent
7. St. Mary's - Losing Brian Joyce, Tom Walsh will hopefully fill his palce to keep the Cards out of last
8. Knox - Losing their key player (her name escapes me) but Tony (can't remember last name) will probably be one of the fastest swimmers in the conference giving Knox their best chance at scoring off the swim off
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