Need Help and Advise, How do I get into US College Waterpolo

Junior College Water Polo
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Need Help and Advise, How do I get into US College Waterpolo

Postby Jacqueswanaplaypolo » Sun May 03, 2009 5:05 pm

Hi there everyone,
I need some help and advise from anyone willing to give it.
I am trying to find out the easiest way to get accepted into a US college to study as well as play a high level of waterpolo.
My name is Jacques, Im 20 turning 21 this year, I am from South Africa, I am currently looking to study and play waterpolo in the US, I have played waterpolo for 8 years now, the last 4 years at national and international level. My dream is to attend to my college studies in the US while playing good waterpolo at the same time, the difficulty is that I have found it extremely hard to figure out which colleges would accept us foreign waterpolo players as well trying to find out about the best colleges to attend if it is at all possible. I would not be looking for a scholarship, but just a good college with good waterpolo. If anyone from the US could send send me some advise I would greatly appreciate it, Its crazy how hard it is to find out the proper information from this side of the world, I have looked at recruitment companies, would this be the best option to get into a US college? Thanks for any replies.
Kind regards

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Re: Need Help and Advise, How do I get into US College Waterpolo

Postby ameeeba » Wed May 20, 2009 12:42 am

hi, jacques. if you're looking to play at the highest level of water polo, i would say California offers the most successful programs, especially for division 1.

if you're going to play div. 1, then you will definitely want to e-mail the coach of the school and let them know your intentions.

i would actually recommend e-mailing the coach of ANY school you think you might want to go to. coaches are really good at getting you through the process.

if you have any specific questions, just post another reply.

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