National Training Camp Selections???

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Re: National Training Camp Selections???

Postby Friendoftheport » Fri May 30, 2014 8:33 pm

ODP is a joke now! As already stated by many, it's a USAWP money grab, built on a lot of favoritism and cronyism. Yes, zone coaches lean towards selecting their own club/HS players, or cut those players that (God forbid) left their clubs no matter skill level. Too much power given to some with questionable motives and character. Also agree with the statement that most college coaches are not impressed by ODP.

I'd have a lot more respect for the system if there was even a modest attempt to minimize the appearance of the impropriety voiced by many by rotating the zone coaches so they can't coach their own players. Duh! So there may be some travel involved...that's not new to this sport.

This is not to say that in totality the coaches are weak. There have been and still are some high quality coaches, as well as high quality players, but overall ODP is the Emperor's New Clothes....but it comes with a lot of really cool backpacks and team gear!

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Re: National Training Camp Selections???

Postby WPoloParent » Fri May 30, 2014 8:35 pm

Over the years, it seems that the clubs with better coach representation in on the ODP/Zone/Nat'l team selection process, the better their club does with athlete representation on the teams. In years past, SOCAL had more coaches in the process, and this year has none. Vanguard is heavily represented on the boys side with two head coaches and other coaches who assisted. SET is represented on the girl's 12th grade level, and perhaps more who assisted, who aren't listed.

I'm not saying that the selections in this case are straight nepotism, because there may be other, deeper, explanations.

It may be that when a coach has a superb group of kids, they take more interest in their future and volunteer to coach ODP. In this case, the athletes motivated the coach. Or...It may be that a coach who takes interest in extra activities such as ODP, is also a coach who prepares better than most, teaches the game better than most and just develops better players. In this case the coach motivates the athletes. may be that players move to clubs whose coaches coach ODP because of the perceived advantage. Or...It may be that the coach likes the players to be playing their specific style of water polo and who does that better than their own kids? This, I guess, is the God complex.

In the case of Vanguard, they seem to legitimately have the top-tier players right now. Most of these players would have been selected regardless of who the coach was. The bubble players are the ones who benefit from having their club coach at ODP. They've had the benefit of their coaches seeing them play over the course of a year or more, and are given the benefit of past good performance, while the unknown athletes only have a few days to make impressions. If all else is equal, the coach will pick his/her own club player.

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Re: National Training Camp Selections???

Postby polofan817 » Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:01 pm

Unknown wrote:Being the best scorer on a particular team is not, nor it shouldn't be the criteria for selection.

Thanks, Unknown, this is a 100% accurate statement.

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