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Postby Irvbeck » Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:39 pm

Made the game, saw on FOSH that they attributed the 12 goals to Wolf instead of the "second half goalie" who actually gave them up. Sorry for the confusion and delayed reply. I hadn't been to the site for a few days.

Rbpolo0414 wrote:
Irvbeck wrote:I was able to make it to a couple of games because the ODP tournament was nearby. With the NYAC vs USA University game, NYAC was down 5-1 at half. Baron was in goal for NYAC and Wolf for University the first half. Wolf was tremendous giving up just the one goal. Baron stayed in the second half, but another goalie came-in for University. NYAC scored 12 goals in the second half! Every shot on goal went in - every shot. Those young guys had them beat. They easily handled Alumni with Wolf playing the whole game. Did not see the third game, but Wolf didn’t play and University held on to win against Cal.

If these were “real games”, Dejan wouldn’t have switched goalies, but I suppose it was looked at as a “tryout”. FAIL

You said on a previous post that you saw this on FOSH. Now you are saying you attended the game? Which is it?

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