Status of NWL

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Status of NWL

Postby CollegeGrad » Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:49 pm

The NWL subject came up on another thread because of another league that is starting up shortly for post collegiate players.

"What happened with the NWL League? If I remember correctly, Robin Carden did a phone interview with Trevor about the NWL. I also heard Carden was going to contribute some big bucks. Can anyone explain Carden's exit from this cause? Such a shame."

"I am not sure what happened with NWPL. They had a few exhibition games but never got the league going."

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Re: Status of NWL

Postby LABertocci » Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:16 pm

I am not at all connected to this group so cannot even begin to address your question.

But I want to express this: to the extent WE (we supporters of the USA) can establish a legitimate competition league for our top 50+ mens players, we will continue to be able to continue to mount a legitimate medal-able national team. Anyone who imagines that "training" is enough to offset the players from the rest of the world, each of whom plays 30+ high level games per year, is mistaken.

I HOPE we (as a water polo community) can do this. If not, I cannot sustain any long-term optimism for our mens team.

Our womens team? As long as we have Title IX in our favor, we can treat our womens collegiate teams as legitimate talent fodder.

I HOPE we can do whatever we can to make all this work. I hope ALL of us who support our national teams do the same thing.
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Re: Status of NWL

Postby DaCous » Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:33 am

I do not mean to step on the NWPL's toes by placing this post here but wanted to get the word out about the WPCL. The WPCL is entering its third year with some big names signing on. This years teams will be led by numerous Olympians, National Team Players and many collegiate all stars including:

Ryan Bailey
Adam Wright
JW Krumpholz
Layne Beaubien
Chris Segesman
Genai Kerr
Dan Klatt
Omar Amr
Wolf Wigo
Brad Schumacher
Kristo Sbutega
Logan Powell
Drac Wigo
Jansen Wigo
Anthony Artukovich
Chay Lapin
Albert Garcia
Andy Skora
Jeff Nesmith
Griffin Lerman
Ofer Horn
and many, many more!

Interested players are encouraged to contact Mark Cousineau regarding the upcoming league draft. League play is set to begin on February 18 with the league championship in April; the league schedule will be released by 1/31/1. Look to see you there. For more info, go to WPCL.

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Re: Status of NWL

Postby DaCous » Sat Feb 19, 2011 2:03 pm

The Water Polo Champions League kicks off its 2011 season on February 25th at El Toro High School. The league will run from February to April and all games will be friday night double headers. We have some amazing talent in the water, prizes and giveaways for the kids and a fun atmosphere for all. Admission is free. Check out or follow us on facebook.

See ya there


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Re: Status of NWL

Postby DaCous » Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:56 am

Week one recap and week two schedule at:

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