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Michael Reid will be publishing new articles on WaterPoloPlanet.com every few months and will discuss the science and practice of physical training for Water Polo. Strength, flexibility, Water Polo science, rehab and other areas of interest with respect to the physical development of the Water Polo athlete will be covered.


verb: brachiate; 3rd person present: brachiates; past tense: brachiated; past participle: brachiated; gerund or present participle: brachiating
‘ ‘brākē,āt,’brak-/

  1. (of certain apes) move by using the arms to swing from branch to branch.

“the gibbons brachiate energetically across their enclosure”
Everyone has done the monkey bars at school, this is brachiating. A regression of this is simply hanging from a bar and this is the version that is promoted by Dr. John Kirsch who is an orthopaedic surgeon from the USA. He specializes in the shoulder and has found that many of his patients are able to avoid surgery by simply performing daily hanging from a pull up bar.

Shoulder Help


It is very safe for most people but athletes who have very hyper-mobile shoulders or separated shoulders should use caution.

I personally have found it to be very helpful for my shoulders but I am just one person, when in doubt, consult with your local medical professional.Some Dr’s and physiotherapists I have spoken to about this exercise think it is a good idea but agree that it is certainly not one that is recommended very often. In the below video Dr. Kirsch explains a bit about his shoulder program.

Movement coach Ido Portal has been promoting daily hanging from a pull up bar. He has some great videos on how to do it. He recommends starting with two versions, a passive hang (1st video) and an active hang (2nd video). Basically if you are stiff do more passive hangs if you are more on the loose end of things do more active hangs.

Hanging from a bar is a natural human movement just like walking, running, squatting and so on.

Time to give Hanging a try!